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1. Brand Spirit

The “Hotel business is a human touch business” and the most is “service”, hotel buildings may be subjected to wear and tear over time but it is service that do not change over time.   
Besides providing the basic conditions of safety, hygiene, comfort and warmth, the most important requirement of a hotel is the respect, care and concern shown to the guest, to let each and every guest feels as though that they have returned to the freedom and comfort of home when visiting a Chinatrust Hotel. This is the greatest asset for the continual operation of the hotel.

2. Brand Doctrine

  • Happy Partner
    We create a pleasant working environment, respecting our colleagues, and mutually trusting and adequately authorizing the other, while educational training is a necessary investment to sustain our improvement and growth. We endeavor for our employees to treat their peers how they would treat the guest!
  • Warm Hospitality
    We strive to forge a customer first service experience. We are always smiling and caring, putting our most touching form of service forward to the guest; we are service professionals, and we execute every detail of our work with the highest standard.
  • Sincere Care
    “Always move forward!”
    We stand in a position sparing our thoughts for the guest, willing to go the extra mile for the customer beyond the call of duty, taking our own initiative to satisfy the demand sand expectations of our guest! 
  • Satisfied Customer
    We shall not neglect any guest, but listen intently to the opinions of our guest, and provide refined but yet efficient services. The complaints of our guests are a test of our service sincerity, the suggestions of our guests is a motivation for us to strive forward.

3. Brand Positioning

The Chinatrust Hotel franchise is positioned as an integral, diversified and comprehensively managed hotel. In order to meet the demands of different customer source, we have 4 different types, namely, landmark hotel, hotel, executive suite and inn, with the aim of fulfilling the respective room, food and beverage and conference needs of business and pleasure seeking customers.

  • Chinatrust Hotel: Luxurious infrastructure amenities, caring and meticulous services provided to each and every esteemed guest.
  • Chinatrust Landmark Hotel:Exquisite services and elaborate infrastructure amenities, a warm and comfortable experience can be brought to the customer regardless whether it's a vacation, banquet or gathering.
  • Chinatrust Executive Suite:Located at convenient traffic intersections, homely designed suite rooms, caring room service provided to businessmen guests to give them a warm sense as though returning back to home.
  • Chinatrust Inn:Economical and practical infrastructure amenities filled with warm hospitality providing customers with a pleasant resting space.

4. Brand Logo Design